United Kingdom

In the United-Kingdom two brands of Accessible Pedestrian Crossings meet local regulation: Radix MS-240 and aBeacon. Here are some information about those two products. If you want to get more information, please fill in the form bellow

Radix MS-240





  • Button push confirmed by latching LED.
  • Rotating tactile cone under the APS for visually impaired
  • Triggered by remote control or from a smartphone. No need to look for the pushbutton which can be challenging for blind people! The activation tool is right in the user’s pocket!
  • Calls for the green man. Again, no need to look for the pushbutton.
  • Can be connected to push buttons if it’s a requirement in your country.


  • Not Required
  • On demand sound activation: Less noise pollution compared to continuous systems.


  • Sound on green man and silence on red man (sometimes)
  • The tactile cone rotate when the green man lights
  • Custom audio messages: personalize the sound messages or signals and the volumes emitted on the Green Man, on the Red Man and the street name!
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